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Price list for rooms and additional services

Standard price

Weekend price*

Single rooms:

450 PLN

310 PLN

Double room for single use:
Queen Size

470 PLN

330 PLN

Double rooms:
Queen Size

510 PLN

330 PLN

Oversize room for single use:
King Size

490 PLN

350 PLN

Oversize room:
King Size

530 PLN

350 PLN

"MORRIS" suite:

700 PLN

570 PLN

All rooms in Best Western Hotel Prima have been designed to ensure our guests can enjoy maximum relaxation and optimal working conditions. The rooms are all of an equally high standard, fully equipped with air-conditioning, and fitted with comfortable furniture, mini-bar, telephone, satellite television and WiFi connection.
Included in the room price is VAT, an American Breakfast Buffet.
* Weekend prices depend on guest numbers in the hotel.

This price list is not an offer of sale within the meaning of article 66 and the following articles of the Civil Code.
The Hotel reserves the right to set hotel room rates depending on the conditions prevailing at any given time.
Current price you can check on the "Reservation" heading.
Final and binding price for the hotel room will be given in the confirmation of booking.
If the booking date is changed by the guest, the Hotel may set a new rate applicable to such new date.

Each Best Western® branded hotel is independently owned and operated.